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Hastelloy Water Filter Nozzle Wedge Wire Screen Pipe Strainer using

Hastelloy Water Filter Nozzle Wedge Wire Screen Pipe Strainer using

hastelloy water filter nozzle

0.18mm slot water filter nozzle

hastelloy filter nozzles for water treatment

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Product Details
Slot Size:
0.18-0.25 Mm
57 Mm
Thread Size:
2 Pieces
Slot Shape:
V Shape
Wire Wound, Wedge Wire
Water Treatment
Product Description

Hastelloy wedge wire screen pipe filter nozzles Strainer Nozzle

Product Description:


Micro-slotted nozzles are used for the retention of granular media in Water treatment equipment.These media can be of any type, such as: activated carbon, sand silica, ion exchange resins, Greensand, MTM, Birm, Pyrolox, among others. Due to their application in the food and beverage industry, they are made of stainless steel. Type 316L stainless. This material is more resistant both mechanically and thermally. The last allows sanitizing the granular medium with steam.
In addition to the retention function, the micro-slotted nozzles perform a good drainage, as well as an adequate distribution of the flow, both in equipment that works under pressure, and in those that work by gravity.
The microgroove through which the fluid circulates has a “V” shaped cut, with the most closed part towards the outside of the nozzle. This design prevents clogging.
The microgroove is continuous and has a total area for flow that is greater than the sectional area of the connecting nipple. This form does not constitute a flow restriction and therefore causes a low pressure drop.
The opening of 0.18 mm in the most closed part, which is the one that has contact with the granular medium, allows to directly retain any granule greater than twice the microgroove opening (0.36 mm) without the need for a 1/8” x 1/16” gravel bed as support.


Regular Specifications:


Type Slot size Specifications Flow filter area
0.2mm slot ( reference)
HY45-11-A 0.2-0.5 45 30 150 M20 330
HY45-11-B 0.2-0.5 45 40 160 M24 400
HY53-12-A 0.2-0.5 53 40 170 M24 510
HY53-12-B 0.2-0.5 53 50 180 M32 640
HY57-13-A 0.2-0.5 58 40 190 M32 630
HY57-13-B 0.2-0.5 58 50 200 M32 780


Delivery Time:


By courier:5-7 workdays by speicial offer.

By air:7-10 workdays at apointed airport.

By sea: 30-35 days at appointed port.


This filter nozzle can be used at the filter equipment for the filtration of water, petrol resin and other medium. It can be also used in water treatment, water soft, conversion of sea water into fresh water, the filter of food chemistry and other filter industry.


OEM service:

Please tell us the specification of the water cap you need and we will help you to process the high quality products.
Custom range
Material: mainly stainless steel 304, 316L, 321, Hastelloy B, C and other materials.
Gap: 0.2-0.25mm, can be according to customer needs.
Type: Female thread, male thread, no thread, long handle, single velocity, double velocity etc.
Length: 50mm, 100mm, 130mm, 150mm, and by customers' request


Product Feature

·Metal construction.
·Excellent roundness.
·Great flow area.
·High mechanical load capacity.
·High precision slot width.
·Pressure and temperature resistance.
·Anti-corrosion, anti-aging.
·Safe, reliable.
·Environment friendly.
·Easy installation.
·Long service time.


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