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304l Stainless Steel Johnson Water Well Screens 1.0mm Slot 12-3/4" Vee Wire

304l Stainless Steel Johnson Water Well Screens 1.0mm Slot 12-3/4" Vee Wire

304l johnson water well screens

vee wire johnson water well screens

12.75 inch water well screen

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Heng Yuan



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Product Details
Vee Wire Water Well Screen
Stainless Steel 304L
Slot Size:
1.0 Mm
Wrap Wire:
Support Rod:
NO. Of Rod:
End Connection:
Bevel Welded Rings
Plastic Film
In Water Wells For Sand Control
Product Description


Stainless Steel 304L 1.0mm Slot 12-3/4" Vee Wire Water Well Screen



Vee Wire Water Well Screen ,also called Water well screens, Vee wire well screens, are made of V or wedge shaped wires around an internal array of longitudinal support rods. It is designed to serve as the intake portion of wells constructed in unconsolidated or semi-consolidated aquifers. This design supplies a continuous slot openings, which allows water to enter the well freely in ample quantities and keeps the majority of sand and gravels out of the well at the same time.



Our technical staff includes expert design engineers, welders, technical support personnel, and sales engineers who are familiar with all aspects of manufacturing and deployment of downhole screens for different applications.



Vee Wire Water Well Screen Advantages:


Non-clogging capabilities
Self supporting
High abreaction resistance
Low pressure drop
Large open area
Better sand filtration
Energy saving
Lowest possible cost
Long using life
Maximum flow capacity
Diameter: 16mm to 915mm
Slot: from 10micro to 10mm
Length: as request, maximum 6m
Material: Stainless steel
Flow direction: From Out To In and From in to out

To meet the most demanding requests, Hengyuan continues to engineer and manufacture stainless steel screens, we have more than doubled our manufacturing capacity by adding new equipment and expanding our factories.



Johnson Type Continuous Slot Vee Wire Screen Regular Specifications:



Name:Johnson Type Continuous Slot Vee Wire Screen,Oil Well Sand Screen,Water Well Screen,

Water wire screen,Wedge wire screen,Screen tube,Slotted tube,Wound screen,

Continuous slot screen filter,Sand control screen, Wedge wire screen pipe, Rotary filter drum,Oil screen.

Material: Stainless steel 202,304,304L,316L,Non-magnetic Stainless steel,Low carbon galvanized etc.
Diameter: 3", 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18" etc.
Slot: From 0.1-100mm (Normal slot 0.5mm, 0.63mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, Pls refer to below table)
Length: From 100-6000mm (Normal length is 2.9m/3m and 5.8m/6m, to fit container)
Wrap wire:2*3.5mm,2.2*3.5mm,3*4.6mm,3*5mm,3*6mm,3*6.5mm,3.2*6mm,4*7mm etc.
Support rod:ø3.0-ø6.0mm round wire, Also can be Vee-shaped wire.
Ends:Welded rings/Plain beveled ends,Male/female threaded,Flange etc.

Use:Water Well,Oil Wells,Waste Water Treatment,Water supply systems,Coal & Mine,

Food Processors & Beverage Screens,Environmental protection,Refining & Petrochemical,Architecture & Construction etc.











Collapse Strength

Wrap wire

Vee-shaped wire(mm)

Support rod

Round wire(mm)

3-1/2 88.9 1.0 2.9 >22 10.2 2.0*3.5(Width*height) ø3.8MM×22
4-1/2 114.3 1.0 2.9 >28 11.5 2.0*3.5(Width*height) ø3.8MM×22
6-5/8 168.3 0.75 5.8 >40 12.8 2.0*3.5(Width*height) ø3.8MM×32
6-5/8 168.3 1.0 5.8 >33 12.8 2.2*3.5(Width*height) ø3.8MM×32
6-5/8 168.3 0.63 5.8 >83 45 3.0*6.0(Width*height) ø6.0MM×32
8-5/8 219.1 1.0 5.8 >34 21.9 2.2*3.5(Width*height) ø3.8MM×48
8-5/8 219.1 1.0 5.8 >50 38.2 3.0*4.6(Width*height) ø4.0MM×48
8-5/8 219.1 1.0 5.8 >60 46 3.0*6.0(Width*height) ø5.0MM×48
10-3/4 273.1 0.75 5.8 >50 32.9 2.2*3.5(Width*height) ø4.0MM×55
10-3/4 273.1 1.0 5.8 >60 39.5 3.0*4.6(Width*height) ø4.8MM×55
10-3/4 273.1 1.0 5.8 >100 48 3.2*6.0(Width*height) ø5.0MM×55
12-3/4 323.9 1.0 5.8 >120 37.2 3.0*5.0(Width*height) ø4.0MM×56
14 355.6 1.0 2.9 >80 37.8 3.0*5.5(Width*height) ø4.0MM×59
16 426 1.0 2.9 >80 37.5 3.0*5.5(Width*height) ø4.0MM×64


Our stainless steel well screens can be constructed out of 304, 304L, 316L stainless steel.

Other corrosion-resistant alloys are available upon request.


Special specification can be made according to your need !


304l Stainless Steel Johnson Water Well Screens 1.0mm Slot 12-3/4" Vee Wire 0

304l Stainless Steel Johnson Water Well Screens 1.0mm Slot 12-3/4" Vee Wire 1

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