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Stainless Steel Water Well Screen 16inch With Male Female Threaded Couplings

Stainless Steel Water Well Screen 16inch With Male Female Threaded Couplings

Water Well Screen 16inch

Stainless Steel Well Screen 16inch

Water Well Screen Female Threaded

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Heng Yuan



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Product Details
Water Well Screen
Stainless Steel
Slot Size:
#40 (1.0mm)
Wrap Wire:
Support Rod:
NO. Of Rod:
End Connection:
Male/female Threaded
Plastic Film
In Water Wells For Sand Control
Product Description


Water Well Screen


Water Well Screens can be nothing more than a length of casing with a few slots torch-cut into it and/or PVC slots. In practice, these “screens” can be troublesome. Sand can enter the well and restrict incoming water. Short well life and poor efficiency are characteristics.


Various other designs offered some improvement, but a manufacturer’s stainless steel water well screen is the best choice.

Unlike other types of screens, a stainless steel well screen uses a unique design consisting of a series of steel support rods around which a continuous length of wire is wrapped. Each intersection of wire and rod is automatically welded, making a very strong cage-like cylinder with one continuous slot spiraling along its full length.



Water Well Screen Regular Specifications:



Name:Water Well Screen,Continuous Slot Water Well Screen,Oil Well Sand Screen,Water Well Screen,Water wire screen,Wedge wire screen,Screen tube,Slotted tube,Wound screen,Sand control screen, Wedge wire screen pipe, Rotary filter drum,Oil screen.

Material: Stainless steel 202,304,304L,316L,Non-magnetic Stainless steel,Low carbon galvanized etc.
Diameter: 3", 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 14", 16", 18" etc.
Slot: From 0.1-100mm (Normal slot 0.5mm, 0.63mm, 0.75mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, Pls refer to below table)
Length: From 100-6000mm (Normal length is 2.9m/3m and 5.8m/6m, to fit container)
Wrap wire:2*3.5mm,2.2*3.5mm,3*4.6mm,3*5mm,3*6mm,3*6.5mm,3.2*6mm,4*7mm etc.
Support rod:ø3.0-ø6.0mm round wire, Also can be Vee-shaped wire.
Ends:Welded rings/Plain beveled ends,Male/female threaded,Flange etc.

Use:Water Well,Oil Wells,Waste Water Treatment,Water supply systems,Coal & Mine,

Food Processors & Beverage Screens,Environmental protection,Refining & Petrochemical,Architecture & Construction etc.











Collapse Strength

Wrap wire

Vee-shaped wire(mm)

Support rod

Round wire(mm)

3-1/2 88.9 1.0 2.9 >22 10.2 2.0*3.5(Width*height) ø3.8MM×22
4-1/2 114.3 1.0 2.9 >28 11.5 2.0*3.5(Width*height) ø3.8MM×22
6-5/8 168.3 0.75 5.8 >40 12.8 2.0*3.5(Width*height) ø3.8MM×32
6-5/8 168.3 1.0 5.8 >33 12.8 2.2*3.5(Width*height) ø3.8MM×32
6-5/8 168.3 0.63 5.8 >83 45 3.0*6.0(Width*height) ø6.0MM×32
8-5/8 219.1 1.0 5.8 >34 21.9 2.2*3.5(Width*height) ø3.8MM×48
8-5/8 219.1 1.0 5.8 >50 38.2 3.0*4.6(Width*height) ø4.0MM×48
8-5/8 219.1 1.0 5.8 >60 46 3.0*6.0(Width*height) ø5.0MM×48
10-3/4 273.1 0.75 5.8 >50 32.9 2.2*3.5(Width*height) ø4.0MM×55
10-3/4 273.1 1.0 5.8 >60 39.5 3.0*4.6(Width*height) ø4.8MM×55
10-3/4 273.1 1.0 5.8 >100 48 3.2*6.0(Width*height) ø5.0MM×55
12-3/4 323.9 1.0 5.8 >120 37.2 3.0*5.0(Width*height) ø4.0MM×56
14 355.6 1.0 2.9 >80 37.8 3.0*5.5(Width*height) ø4.0MM×59
16 426 1.0 2.9 >80 37.5 3.0*5.5(Width*height) ø4.0MM×64


Special specification can be made according to your need !



We provide Water Well Screen solutions to almost every industry, including:

Water Well,

Food &Beverage Screens,

Pharmaceutical & Biological industries,

Refining & Petrochemical,

Water Treatment & Liquid / Solids Separation,

Mineral & Aggregate Processing,

Pulp & Paper Screens.



Stainless Steel Water Well Screen 16inch With Male Female Threaded Couplings 0Stainless Steel Water Well Screen 16inch With Male Female Threaded Couplings 1

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